Hey guys! Loving all the beautiful blue skies we had today… just wishing it came with 70 degree weather. And despite doing the hands over the ears “la-la-la-la-I-can’t-HEAR-you!” routine every time the weather comes on, it’s official – we’re going to get whacked with snow again on Wednesday. I HAVE to stock up at the store tomorrow. I’m (dare I say it?) running out of coffee!!!

Day 23 Total: $12.50, total for the month is $210.71.
Today’s Menu:

Morning Coffee: (0.65). Astonishingly, the “single batch” (4 cups for .25) I was making at the beginning of the month evolved into a double batch (8 cups) while the kids are getting over a rotten bit of cold, fever, and in Katie’s case, pneumonia (poor little guys have been SUCH troopers). And today, I (proudly?) announce, I have broken the coffee sound barrier, if you will, and now gone with 10 cups of coffee. Always yummy, just a bit scary at this point. And then i hear Starbucks is touting their new “Trenta” like it’s some sort of big deal or something. *snort!* Amateurs. Anyhoo, I SWEAR I’m going back to the 8-cup double batch tomorrow. There’s restraint for ya! Hey, I can stop anytime I want to. I swear. *tick-tick-tick*

Breakfast: ($4.00) — Big Sunday breakfast – more French toast! Little guys have a bit more appetite, but still not up to 100%, so lots of leftovers. I used a loaf of whole wheat bread, one dozen eggs, ¼ cup of oil, and syrup.

Everybody’s Lunch: ($0.35). Big breakfast & big dinner tonight means light lunch. We had some leftover chicken corn soup in the freezer, which heated up fast. Kids also enjoyed some sliced apple.

Afternoon Snack – ($1.00) One pound of apples (two VERY large apples), and a pound of bananas (4 medium size) were the snack of choice today. No matter how under the weather the kids were, they really enjoy fruit. Good stuff.

Dinner: ($6.00) – Sunday means a big dinner, which also means loads of cool leftovers for next week. Went with a center cut pork loin filet in a lemon garlic marinade (1.5 pound roast, at $2.49/pound, for $3.75), with a side of sweet potatoes (.75), corn (.50) and side salad (.50). Also made a chocolate cake with fudge icing for $2, should last four days, so I’m pricing it out at .50/day.

Evening Snack: (.50) Popcorn & TiVo. Loving it. The kids spent a good part of the day resting, and really seem to be rebounding – I’m so proud of them. Back to school tomorrow for Katie, then prepping for Wednesday’s next batch of snowy love from Mother Nature!

Total for today: $12.50, total for the month is $210.71!
Have a blessed Sunday, everybody! K