Okay, so it’s going to snow, it’s not going to snow. Snow & Ice… or maybe just rain. Rain, with perhaps a 40% probability of frozen sheep falling from the sky. Okay, I made that last one up, but can SOMEBODY come up with a solid forecast for tomorrow? Sheesh!

Katie really kicked her pneumonia back from whence it came (so proud of her!), and Robbie is on the mend as well, so things are getting relatively back to normal. Katie got back to school this morning after AGES off (between snow days & illness). I was afraid she’d be a little reluctant to get back into the swing of things, but it was basically a “smell ya later, Mommy!” as she bounded out of the car. What a great kid! She’s going to have to channel all that goodness later this week, ‘cause LORDY do we have some schoolwork to catch up on.

Day 25 Total: $9.68, total for the month is $224.39!
Today’s Menu:
Morning Coffee: (0.50). 2nd day in a row of “just” a double batch. My personal restraint knows no bounds.

Breakfast: ($0.56) — last of the leftover French Toast for little people, two hard boiled eggs each for the adults (4 total)

Everybody’s Lunch: ($3.23). Katie’s back in lunchbox mode, so she had a cheese sandwich (.45), a smallish apple (.15), a juice box (.15), and animal crackers for a snack (.05). Robbie was home with me, so he had a small bowl of pasta with sauce (.15). Victor took a pound of apples (.70) and a big 19 ounce can of Venice Soup (the super healthy kind with no preservatives, or something like that, only .79), with him for easy heat up. I did a can of vegetable soup as well, it was fabulous on this freaking freezing cold day (.79).

Afternoon Snack – ($.40) Kids each had two small bananas, sliced into bowls, as their afternoon snack. Figure about a pound.

Dinner: ($3.99) – Time for another batch of soup – the kids never seem to mind it, and it’s perfect for winter. Took a one pound bag of 16-bean soup (1.49), added the last couple of ounces of pork roast from Sunday (free), 8 cups of water, the leftover corn from last night (free), one 15 can of mixed vegetable medley (.50), and put it on a slow boil this afternoon. When the beans were soft, I pureed half of it in the food processor to add body to the soup, then poured it all back together into the soup pot. FAB-U-LOUS. Topped it with some parmesan cheese (.25), and made some whole wheat garlic toast out of WW bread, toasted then brushed with olive oil & sprinkled with garlic powder for .50 (don’t forget, whole wheat & beans make a fabulous protein when combined!!). The kids had theirs with some noodles (.25), the adults ate it straight, with a salad (.50), and we all finished up with some chocolate cake (.50). Best part – LOTS of leftovers!

Evening Snack: ($1) Popcorn, awesome popcorn with butter (.50). Victor dug into a bag of chips while he was working upstairs on the computer & finished off half a bag. (.50)

Total for today: $9.68, total for the month is $224.39!

Fingers crossed this next storm blows over us without a flake hitting the ground! Yeah, right…