Okay, so we got stomped with snow this morning. And we’re about to get stomped again late tonight. And probably again next week. Yes, it stinks, BUT so long as my popcorn crunch therapy holds out, I refuse to take on a negative attitude. I’ll take my cues from my Kindergartner, whose “Hooraaaaaaaaaay! School’s Cancelled!” shrieks of glee was probably heard for a mile in every direction. The girl has some serious voice pitch, as well as contagious enthusiasm. The house is a wreck, but we had a blast today. Go Fish, anyone?

Both kids are doing great, bouncing back from this rotten cold & getting closer to 100% every day. I’m thinking Katie is going to have another snow day tomorrow. And can I tell ya?… Thank HEAVEN you can print out those “Highlights Hidden Pictures” online! It’s a hit! Buys me at least 10 minutes at a time to do something productive of my own. Side Note: I think all Kindergarten Teachers should be sainted.

Okay, onto the Challenge Update! Day 26 Total: $8.69, total for the month is $233.08!

Today’s Menu:
Morning Coffee: (1.00) Okay, yes, I’m embarrassed. A double-double batch, a.k.a a quadruple batch. The kids ARE getting better (so proud of them!), but are still calling me in for a snuggle (or two) during the night. I adore it, but I’m whipped. It should be noted that I didn’t drink the WHOLE quadruple batch, a good part of it is in a mongo mug in the fridge, just waiting to nuked at the proper time tomorrow.

Breakfast: ($1.00) — apples & cinnamon toast for little people, 2 HB eggs for Victor, just coffee for me.

Everybody’s Lunch: ($0.25) Leftover soup! Served pureed over elbow macaroni (topped with parmesan cheese) for little people, served straight to the adults. No salad, just the bare basics.

Afternoon Snack – ($.70) Kids snacked on apples again, somewhere between the “Toy Story 3” and “The Incredibles” Double Feature.

Dinner: ($4.74) – So far today, I’ve been shoveling, cleaning, baking cookies with the kids (most of which will go to the VERY COOL guy who plows the driveway, blogging, and basically watching the house get turned into a tornado debris field by two little people (it really DID sound just like a freight train coming thru, I swear!!). so we’re taking it easy for dinner. Smoked sausage sauteed in a frying pan (1.99) with a side of baked macaroni & cheese ($2). Fast & easy, and the oven really heated up the kitchen beautifully! Didn’t do a salad with it, but we DID do chocolate cake for all (.50). It should also be noted that the kids will be eating about a half dozen of the cookies we made, so I’ll count them here (.25).

Evening Snack: ($1) Can I tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to popcorn all day? Great way to wrap up a great day. I didn’t actually witness it, but I assume Victor is finishing up the rest of his chips doing computer work upstairs, so I’ll add that too.

Total for today: $8.69, total for the month is $233.08!

Take it easy out there everybody! And for God’s sake people, learn from my experience — When you shovel your back steps, lift with your legs! (I’m getting so freakin’ old.) 🙂