Hey gang, is everybody dug out from under the snow yet? Took a little while to get the cars dug out here, and the back steps done, but man, was it beautiful out today. And not even really cold! That’s my kind of snowstorm aftermath. Beats “thundersnow” any day of the week! Katie was home from school again today, and she’s delighted at the prospect of going to school tomorrow, because it’s Friday and she then gets a weekend after only one day of school. This is so my child.

Okay, onto the Challenge Update!
Day 27 Total: $7.03, total for the month is $240.11!

Today’s Menu:
Morning Coffee: (0.50) – back to just the double batch of coffee…okay, and the leftovers from yesterday’s quadruple batch. I’m calling it progress anyway.

Breakfast: ($1.50) — two hard boiled eggs each for the adults, cheerios and milk for little people. They were REALLY hungry! So great to see!

Everybody’s Lunch: ($0.0) Leftover smoked sausage with baked macaroni & cheese from last night. Whoever invented the microwave should be up there with the inventor of penicillin. I mean it.

Afternoon Snack – ($.30) Kids snacked on fruit, about a pound of bananas, and some leftover sugar cookies from yesterday.

Dinner: ($3.73) – After my attempt at shoveling, I was whipped, so I took it easy for dinner. One pound of Linguine (.79) topped with organic marinara ($1.19) and parmesan cheese (.25), served with super easy heat-n-eat breadsticks ($1), salad (.50), and the last of the chocolate cake for dinner. Once I got the water boiling, dinner was on the table in 15 minutes. Sweet. Quick note: the price was certainly right for tonight’s dinner, but I should note that there wasn’t much left for leftovers for lunch tomorrow. I’ll probably resort to leftover soup from two days ago.

Evening Snack: ($1) Still loving the popcorn. Did a monster sized batch tonight. It was a crazy day, and I must crunch.

Total for today: $7.03, total for the month is $240.11!
Hang in there, everybody! One day closer to Spring! (actually, we’re one day closer to more expected snow on Saturday, but HEY, who wants to go THERE?!)