Hey everybody! I hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend! The snow is beautiful, the roads look pretty clear, and fear not fellow citizens, I’m still not driving on them, so it’s all good. Got a TON done in the house today, lots of stuff organized, feels FABULOUS. Time to veg out on the couch. With popcorn, of course. But first, today’s Challenge Update!

Day 29 Total: $13.79, total for the month is $264.95!

Today’s Menu:
Morning Coffee: (0.50) – another double batch, this time a delicious “Morning Blend”. Packs a nice punch! Definitely adding it to the favorites.

Breakfast: ($4.00) — weekend breakfast calls for something cooked on the stove, I went for French Toast this morning. One loaf of whole wheat bread, one dozen eggs, oil to brown them in, and syrup on top.

Everybody’s Lunch: ($0.00) Loads of lasagna leftover from last night, heated in minutes and everybody loved it.

Afternoon Snack – ($2) More grapes – they are FABULOUS for January, not a mushy one in the bunch. The kids were in heaven. Nice treat.

Dinner: ($6.29) – loads of fantastic wiggle room in the budget, went for a Saturday night dinner splurge. TaiPei General Tso’s chicken for the adults (two HUGE servings for $2.29), with extra rice (.25), and egg rolls $1.50 for 6, so we had leftovers. The kids had a half pound of chicken breast ($1) sautéed in olive oil (.25) with a side of rice pilaf (.50). Made another cake today, this time a yellow one with chocolate icing. It cost $2, but it should last four days, so I’m pricing it out at .50 per day.

Evening Snack: ($1) Big batch of popcorn!

Total for today: $13.79, total for the month is $264.95!

That about wraps up a Saturday night for me, gang. I’ve got a big bowl of popcorn here, and I’m not afraid to use it. Have a great evening, everyone!