Hey guys! Hope you had a fantastic weekend. I ran out with the kids earlier, and everywhere we went was PACKED! Looks like everybody else is getting stocked up for Wednesday’s weather whammy too. Over here, I’m so thrilled at the numbers on the Challenge I can’t stand it. As of this morning I had only two days left on the Challenge, and $35 to spend to cover it! WOO HOO!
Option A: I could spend a bit of it out in a restaurant to prove you can keep a household food budget to $300/month AND afford to go out once in a while. Option B: keep doin’ what I’m doin’ and delight in the ultra low numbers. Going with Option B and denying myself NOTHING when it comes to some fun home cooked meals.

Day 30 Total: $12.75, total for the month is $277.70!
Today’s Menu:

Morning Coffee: (0.50) – double batch of SnickerKicker. Love that stuff. Can’t quite describe the flavor, but it’s very holiday-ish. Goes great with all the snow outside the window.

Breakfast: ($.00) — Loads of leftover french toast from yesterday. Super easy to heat & eat.

Everybody’s Lunch: ($0.00) Leftover Chinese food for adults, leftover chicken & pilaf for little people.

Afternoon Snack – ($2) Kids are loving the grapes, and they appear to tide the kids over for ages between lunch & dinner. Works for me!

Dinner: ($7.75) – Love of a big Sunday dinner (combined with tons of wiggle room in the budget) calls for a fab-u menu. Went with a beef pot roast ($5), with scalloped potatoes (.75), corn (.50), salad (.50), rolls (.50), and cake for dessert (.50). Gotta love Sunday night dinner.

Evening Snack: ($2.50) Nobody panic, but I’m going for something other than popcorn tonight. Spotted some fantastic TGIF Restaurant brand nacho cheese sauce (normally $3/pint) for .50/pint at the Amelia’s in Thorndale, so I splurged & grabbed some on Friday. Heats up beautifully and goes fantastically with some nacho chips for $2. Nice way to wring the last few hours out of the weekend!

Total for today: $12.75, total for the month is $277.70 !
Amazingly, I have the family room to myself tonight…which also means I have the TiVo remote all to myself. And wait, do you hear that? Off in the distance…from the kitchen! It’s Tortilla Chips & hot, melty TGIF Nacho cheese calling my name! “Coming, darling! Coming!” Have a great night, everybody!