Challenge, Schmallenge – we knocked it out of the park, folks! WOO HOO! It’s official! Where (so called) experts are proclaiming a household of four requires $800/month on average for food, it’s now been proven that it can EASILY be done for $300/month, if you know where to shop!

Hitting Amelia’s for all of my groceries this past month has been an amazing experience. No matter what store in the chain I visited, it had what I needed. Fruits, vegetables, dairy, pasta, meats, snacks, breads, and of course, my beloved coffee – I found everything I needed to create fantastic, frugal feasts! One stop, quick shopping, at 50-70% off. Big Saturday Brunches, Big Sunday Chicken Dinners, Italian Food, Mexican night, good old stick to your ribs ham & potato dinners, even Chinese food – this month’s menu had it all, and took care of a household of four hungry people, for less than $300.

One of the best parts of the Challenge – all of everyone’s suggestions, recipes, ideas, and feedback! The blog has hit over 10,000 viewers time and again as a result of the Challenge, and the Facebook friends list for me AND for Amelia’s Grocery Outlet is going thru the roof!
Many thanks to everyone for making this month’s Challenge so much fun to do! You guys are the best!

Day 31 Total: $12.25, total for the month is $289.95!

Today’s Menu:
Morning Coffee: (0.75) – double batch of Hazelnut, with (celebratory, super luxurious) Heavy Cream, instead of half & half. Yes, I’m a wild woman. Fun fact: if I’d bought all of my coffee ready-made at a fun coffee/donut shop, it would have cost $85!!

Breakfast: ($1.50) — Adults had HB eggs (4 total), kids had freshly baked banana muffins with juice!

Everybody’s Lunch: ($1.00) Katie was at school, so I packed her lunch box with crackers & cheese, grapes, juice box, pretzels, and a cookie ($1 for everything). The adults had leftover pot roast w/scalloped potatoes (Victor brought his to work to microwave), and Robbie had a bite of pot roast with corn.

Afternoon/After School Snack – ($2) More grapes! Grapes in January, what’s not to love?

Dinner: ($6) – Kept it simple for this last night of the Challenge! Delicious beef ravioli (25 oz frozen bag for $2.50), topped with organic marinara & parmesan cheese (1.50), with side salad, (.50), breadsticks ($1), and cake for dessert (.50). Bon Appetit!

Evening Snack: ($1) – yes, last night’s nachos with TGIFriday’s nacho cheese (only .50/half-pint at Amelia’s!) were fabulous, but I felt a deep need to wrap up the last day of the Challenge with the snack that saw me thru – POPCORN!

Total for today: $12.25, total for the month is $289.95!

Many thanks to everyone’s emails & suggestions – you helped make the January Challenge a fabulous, frugal success (go team!). Now, it’s time to set our sights on a Frugalista Challenge for February! I’ve got a few ideas here & there, and would love to hear from you! Frugal On!