Terrifying Talk on today’s Brilliant Frugal Living Show: Your Dryer or your Dishwasher: if you had to choose, which would you give up? Tuesday, Mar 20 2012 

Today we’re all about putting Mother Nature to work big time for your bank account – learn how your “Energy Efficient” appliances are soaking your wallet harder than you think! Then, fabulous fashion writer and Beauty Consultant Laini Bianculli joins me live in the studio to talk Springtime Trends, and how to update your wardrobe beautifully without breaking the bank! Tune in to News/Talk 1180AM at 11A (Eastern), or livestream us at the link – see you there!

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Fabulous Fitness, Found Frugally! Tuesday, Mar 13 2012 

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Serenity Fitness & Spa
Fasten your seatbelts folks, we’re headed at Mach speed into another gorgeous summer and (dare I say it?) swimsuit season! Trust me, I’m right there with you, involuntarily cringing as my thoughts drift back to every piece of holiday fudge and butter-coated carbohydrate I consumed just a few short months ago. However, with the dog days of summer still a couple of marvelous months away, now is the time to start taking solid steps to turn those health & weight loss goals into reality!

To my rescue: Cyndi Po, Owner of the Serenity Spa Chain and Author of the popular new book “The 5 How To’s for a Healthier You”. Here, she perfectly details the simple steps to take in creating a personal road map for your journey to good health. With over twenty years in the industry as a fitness expert and personal trainer, Cyndi is not only her own best advertising, but a fitness force to be reckoned with. Her five simple (and fabulously frugal, I might add!) steps to get you on the road to better health include:

Step 1: Evaluate and set Goals: Get a true and accurate idea of where you are physically with a doctor’s exam, including weight and body measurements. With those measurements in mind, set your goals, making sure they’re healthy, safe and achievable.

Step 2: Start Yourself with a Clean Slate: Look at the pitfalls in your life that have been road blocks for you and get them out of the way. That’s code for: Go through your cupboards and get rid of the junk that is in there!

Step 3: Don’t Go It Alone: One of the best tools for a new healthy plan is a workout partner. Having someone to motivate you and be accountable to will help ensure your success.

Step 4: Make your Plan: Creating the perfect fitness plan includes realizing what workouts are best for you, and should always include fitness for the mind, body and soul. Just as important, you can’t be successful on a health plan without looking intently into your nutrition. Remember, good health is 80% nutrition, 20% movement.

Step 5: Never Stop Learning: Once you reach your goals, Congratulations! Now, it’s time to re-evaluate yourself and make new goals to reflect your new self. One journey ends, and another begins. It’s continuous growth for your whole life.

Cyndi’s book, “5 How To’s for a Healthier You”, is available on Lulu.com. You can also work with Cyndi Po in person at her Serenity Fit Spas in Red Hill and Quakertown. Find her online at http://www.serenityfit.com

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