Yokay, so the weather hit a tropical 80-something degrees this past weekend (and I loved every minute of it).  Whether your air conditioner is blaring full blast at the moment or not, that doesn’t change the fact that another fabulous Halloween is upon us in just a couple of weeks!  Better still, the inevitable 50-90% off day-after-Halloween candy is on store shelves shortly after that – yeah baby!  But I digress…

If you’re in need of fun costumes for your kids, but you’re as strapped for time as you are for cash, fear not – I’d like to reintroduce you to a Halloween costume classic that is simple to put together, and can easily cost $3 or less with the help of your local Dollar Store.  This Halloween, the fabulously frugal fashion word is – CAPES!  Yes, capes – those easily assembled little numbers that not only effortlessly transform kids into perfectly costumed candy carriers, but also cover a multitude of clothing underneath it if we should have a freakishly odd temperature switcheroo into some winterish weather on October 31st.    If you don’t spot any capes at your local Thrift Stores, hit your local fabric stores instead, where racks upon racks of multi-colored cloth await you.  Depending on the age & height of your child, one square yard (often $2 or less) will do the trick.  Carefully cut a hole in the middle of it large enough for your child’s head to fit thru, et voila!  Your child is costumed!  The finishing touch can be found at your local Dollar stores, where I’m seeing masks of all shapes & sizes – some of them truly freaky.   

When it comes to the best caped costumes, here’s my favorite combos:
(1) Black cape with Darth Vader mask – my 6-year old son gave me the idea for this one.  He recently received a great Darth Vader Jedi sword toy for his birthday, and has yet to put it down.   Draping a black cape over his little head and putting a Darth Vader mask on him was one of the easiest costumes I’ve ever done!  Ever better was the look on his face when he took his Jedi Knight Sword and looked at himself in the mirror in full costume.  Priceless!  I think we’ve got a hit. 
(2) Purple cape – If you’re like me, and you have a red-blooded American daughter in the house who has seen “Tangled” approximately 74329 times, grab her long blonde Rapunzel wig out of the toybox, add this easy purple cape, and you’re set!
(3) Red cape – Little Red Riding Hood in an instant.  Extra points if you have a basket she can skip around in to get candy.   
(4) One more for the Black Cape – a vampire!  Have fun with the makeup, and pair it with vampire teeth found in just about every Dollar Store.
(5) White cape – let us not forget one of the easiest costumes ever, the white “cape” or old white sheet, with two small holes carefully cut out for the eyes, thrown over your child’s eager little candy-loving head.   Let’s face it, the Ghost costume is truly the little black dress of Halloween costumes, the fashion classic that never goes out of style.  Better still, if you have any old sheets in the laundry room you’re no longer using, this costume is completely free!

Happy (almost) Halloween, everybody!