Fabulously Frugal Power Loss Prep!
Hey gang!  You’ll never guess where I got the idea for this week’s  Column.  Power outages like we experienced last week remind me time and again of how rotten a pioneer woman I’d be.  Really bad.  However, with some basic tools and strategies, you can power thru the next outage (pun intended), even without a costly generator!
1 – Full the bathtub.  Not for drinking water – bleah – but for an easy and effortless way to flush the toilet even without power.  One bucket poured into the toilet is an effective flush.
2 – Turn your car into a generator!  Sean C. of West Chester emailed me to tell me about his power inverter, which turns DC current from your car into AC current for electric gadgets!  How is it I never heard of these before?  It’s the next best thing to a generator when it comes to surviving a prolonged blackout.  Small units can easily recharge a computer of phone, larger ones can power a refrigerator or power tools.
3 – Stock up on batteries.  This one is a no brainer, but you’d be amazed how many people have tons of flashlights at the ready, only to find that the batteries are shot.
4 – Get the grill ready to work!  Stock up on propane for that grill, because nothing says “civilization” in a blackout like eating some fabulously hot food.
5 – Make sure your CO detectors are working – Blackouts often lead to carbon monoxide emergencies.  Why?  In order to get heat during outages, people crank up gas stoves, fireplaces, and all types of heaters – and anything that burns produces carbon monoxide.  So make sure you have a battery-operated CO detector ready to go.
6 – Protect the big appliances! When the power comes back on, it can often create power surges.  Those power surges can be a disaster for today’s gorgeous-yet-fragile sensitive electronics in TV, computers and appliances.  So be sure to unplug anything that might contain electronic components.
7 – Get cash!  In a prolonged blackout, when credit cards are useless, cash is king.
8 – Scrape the snow and ice off your car!  This one is personal.  Last week, Victor was heading home on the Turnpike when a truck going the opposite direction at 70 mph lost a huge piece of ice, which flew into Victor’s windshield as he was traveling 60 mph in the other direction.  Yeah, it was a crazy scare.  The windshield was destroyed, and our nerves were shot.  Things are back to normal, but the windshield will cost about $500 to replace.  So if not for yourself, keep the roof of your car snow and ice free for the sake of your fellow money-saving citizens out there.  Stay safe, and frugal on!

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