Fabulously Frugal Welcome to Spring!

Gang, we made it – winter is over!  I realize that this week’s temps may not scream Springtime, but with last week’s weather kicking repeatedly into the 70’s, I feel like it’s official – we survived these harsh first couple of months of the year, and it’s finally Springtime!  Let’s thank Mother Nature properly with some fabulously frugal Spring activities that make the most of these temperatures without breaking the bank.

1.  Turn the hose back on and wash the car – I’m so embarrassed at how my car looks at this point.  It honestly looks like it’s been pranked with a cropduster.   If you too want to show your car some serious love for getting you thru this winter unscathed, drag out the vacuum to get those hundreds of snack crumbs out of the back seat, then give it a few minutes of heavy handed scrubbing with an old rag and bottle of cleaner.   Serious extra credit if you involve a bottle of windex.  Hose it down, marvel wide-eyed at how you’d forgotten how vibrant the actual exterior color is, then celebrate with a drive!

2.  Get the bikes out – Even if this week’s weather isn’t cooperative, balmy temps are only a week or so away!  Get prepared for it – Drag the bicycles out of the garage and give them a good look-over to make sure the brakes and tires are in good shape.    Don’t have a bike?  This is the year you get one – log onto Craigslist or visit your local Goodwill, where you’ll easily see a half dozen at any one time.  With any new bike (or bike that’s “new” to you), take it to your local bike shop to make sure it’s ready for a busy summer.  Happy pedaling!

3.  Get some flower seeds and bulbs in the ground – To me, nothing says “Springtime!” like the sight of beautiful multi-colored tulips and bright yellow daffodils poking out of the ground.   Best part, tulip and daffodil bulbs are some of the most user-friendly flowers out there, even for a plant killer like myself.  Get yourself to a local home improvement center and pick some up – get them in the ground, and enjoy knowing they’ll pop up not only this year, but many years to come!

4.  If you have kids and/or grandkids in your life, hit the local Dollar Store for a good handful of sidewalk chalk and bubbles.  It won’t be quite windy enough to fly a kite this week, but you’ll have perfect breezes for an afternoon of chalky driveway artwork and bubble blowing.

Above all else, pat yourselves on the back for making it thru another crazy winter.  This one was a doozy.  Happy Springtime, everybody – Frugal ON!

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