Every month of the year holds unique opportunities for saving serious cash, and January is no different.  Yes, our budgets and bank accounts may still be a bit fatigued after all of the hand-to-hand holiday shopping combat, but if you’re in the market for certain goods, January may be the perfect month to track them down and ring them up for a fraction of retail prices.   Read on for where to find January’s best steals and deals!

1. Hit your local Thrift Stores early and often – People far more organized than I am spent a good part of December loading up the car with donations of clothes, books, electronics, jewelry and furniture to their local Goodwills and thrift stores in order to meet 2018 tax writeoff deadlines.  What that means for you is that all of your local Thrift Stores are stuffed top to bottom with gorgeous merchandise for January, at steeply discounted rates.  Swing by your favorite Thrift Store and see what they have to offer!

2. Gift Cards – you guys know what a huge fan I am of Gift Cards at the holidays.  They’re easy to give and wrap, fabulous to receive, and effortless to get from Point A to Point B when you’re going from house to house at the holidays.  That being said, not every Gift Card purchase is a hit with the receiver, and it rapidly finds itself on eBay at discounted prices.  This is great news for people who are not only seeking discounted gift cards, but those who are seeking to unload some.  The discounts are minimal (I’m finding $25 Gift Cards on eBay for approx. $22), so the buyer gets a discounted gift card for a store they adore, the seller gets nearly full face value on a card they weren’t going to use, and eBay gets to play hero to all of us seeking to unload gifts that missed the mark.

3. Have you ever wondered what becomes of all of the gifts that get returned to the store?  Sure, some of them get placed back on racks or shelves, but a large segment of them get instantly marked down and sold as “open box” merchandise for a fraction of retail, often ending up at discount stores like Marshall’s, Ross and TJ Maxx.  If you’re a fan of those stores to begin with, mark your calendar to visit them in January – the sales are superb.  Frugal On! 

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