Book Signing Day at Sam’s Club! Sunday, Aug 8 2010

Hey everybody! Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend.

Over here, I’m putting the finishing touches on getting ready for the Book Signing at Sam’s Club. So exciting! I can not wait for the opportunity to meet some new people, it’s always great to hear their stories & compare frugal notes.

Also, never a bad thing to be surrounded by Sam’s Club Free Samples as all of this frugal creativity is taking place. WOO HOO!

If you’re in the Exton, PA area (about 45 mins west of Philadelphia) this afternoon, be sure to stop by! No membership required at Sam’s Club today. Gotta love it!

Have a fantastic day, everybody!

“Mary Talks Money” piece airs tonight: Saving on Baby! Wednesday, May 19 2010 

Good afternoon, fellow frugalistas!

A great opportunity to work again with the Live Well HD / 6-ABC crew for another “Mary Talks Money” went beautifully, and the first nationwide airing is tonight at 8:30P. The best part is an extraordinarily handsome 2-year old I adore running thru just about every shot. Camera shy? Not so much! 🙂 He ran thru so many shots they found a way to beautifully incorporate him into the piece!

Thanks again to Executive Producer Susan Barclay & cameraman Sean Bernard for their amazing work! If I did this right, a sneak preview copy should be at this link. (if clicking it doesn’t work, yes I’m pathetic. just cut & paste!)

Next “69 News at Sunrise” segment set for June 29! Wednesday, May 19 2010 

Hey fellow frugalites! Hope your week is going great!

Here in the deep frugalsphere, I just lucked out with another “Brilliant Frugal Living” gig on “69 News at Sunrise”! Looks like we’re going with Tuesday, June 29, for a “Fabulous, Frugal 4th of July Celebration!” I’m thinking of focusing on fantastic get-togethers with all the trimmings – saw lots of perfect decor at the dollar store. Then, for the second segment, I think I’ll incorporate some food ideas that won’t break the bank. ANYTHING to get my hands on that gorgeous studio kitchen again! 🙂

If you’ve got ideas that’ll fit into this theme, send them my way! Would LOVE to hear them!

Absolutely can not wait! Eve, Jaciel – thanks a million!

BFL Segment on Channel 17 “Better Philly”! Tuesday, Apr 27 2010 

Hey gang! Just found out that the Brilliant Frugal Living segment on Channel 17’s “Better Philly” is going to air on Friday, May 7th! So excited! Thanks again to Renai Ellison for making this great experience so much fun!

This was actually an amazing learning experience above & beyond some past tapings, as I got to learn first hand how Executive Producer Bob Seiderlich made one camera work like 5 as we took take after take (after take) from various angles. No doubt he’ll make the beautiful finished product look effortless. Thanks again to the entire crew for this great experience!

“If you’re afraid to cook with butter, just use cream…” – Julia Child Thursday, Apr 22 2010 

“Julie & Julia Mother’s Day” segment for Channel 69 is two weeks away, & it’s time to start (1) practicing recipes & (2) making sure I can get them to fit into two 5-minute segments! First segment is “J&J” themed gifts. We’re going with a Julie & Julia movie night, courtesy of the local library, along with a HYSTERICAL DVD of the real Julia Child doing dozens of her “French Chef” shows. Have you ever seen these? They are fantastic! In addition to the movie night, we’ve got a copy of the book that I got from Goodwill for $1.97, AND a copy of Julia Child’s “Mastering The Art of French Cooking”, which looks EXACTLY like the one in the movie, except I got this one at a garage sale for $1. And then, of course, no Julia Child-related gift is complete without the requisite strand of pearls. This strand isn’t real, but it IS beautiful, and purchased from Goodwill in Exton for $2. FAB.

Second segment is a cooking bit with a Julie & Julia dinner. I’m leaning towards Boeuf Bourguignon (heavily mentioned in the movie), with Bavarois aux Fruits (Raspberry Bavarian Cream) for dessert. I’ve been e-mailed by more than one person recommending that we go with lobster for dinner (also heavily mentioned in the movie). To that I say “NO WAY, JOSE!” 🙂

As soon as I have total costs for the dinner & gifts, I’ll post it here, probably closer to the May 5th air date on Channel 69. Until then, Bon Appetit!

Another “Mary Talks Money” episode wrapped up! Thursday, Apr 22 2010 

Had SO much fun with the Live Well HD crew back on the 15th – fabulous time! I think they got some great sound clips for their “Saving On Baby” segment. Many thanks to Executive Producer Susan Barclay for this opportunity, and THANKS to cameraman extraordinaire Sean Bernard for working with not only a cluttered playroom but also two little ones who “just want to see the cool camera ONE more time…”.

Not sure when this episode will air; if it’s anything like the last one, we should have about 18 nationwide airings over the course of June. SO excited!

More upcoming stuff in June! – Another workshop at Serenity Spa! Thursday, Apr 22 2010 

Just connected with Cyndi Posusney, owner of Serenity Fitness, the gorgeous spa I did a January workshop for a while back. She’s working on a workshop series on “Healthy Green Living”, and has graciously asked me back to lend my two cents on incorporating frugality into that concept. What a fantastic idea! Thanks Cyndi!

Right now, we’re looking for a mutually convenient date in June. As soon as we confirm, I’ll let you know! In the meantime, have an e-look at Serenity Fitness. It’s GORGEOUS!

BFL connected with BlogTalkRadio! Friday, Apr 2 2010 

Hey gang!
Hope you’re having a fantastic Friday prior to the holiday weekend! Over here, I’m so excited! I just had a hysterical talk with none other than Erin Heenan Ley at BlogTalkRadio. This woman is an absolute riot, not to mention busy Mom of three, cancer survivor & hugely successful radio show host, just to name a few of her accomplishments.

She has invited me to join her fantastic (*gulp* nationwide) radio show Tuesday, April 13 from 12:00P-1:00P! (Me? Talk for an hour? … well … yokay!)

One thing I REALLY want to find prior to this show is a discount gourmet grocery near her – she’s located in Long Island, NY. Any frugal bloggers out there living in Nassau County or thereabouts? Any discount groceries / warehouse clubs / thrift stores you can recommend? Send them as a comment here, or shoot them to my e-mail at
Throw them ALL at me! Thanks so much!

Above all else, have a wonderful weekend! K

Fantastic Workshop! Biggest crowd ever, and WHAT a blast! Monday, Mar 29 2010 

Can’t say enough good stuff about the last workshop – a room filled with great stories & experiences from all walks of life! Amazing group of people. If you have the opportunity, definitely hit the Chester County Night School catalog & join them for one of their classes. Every day/night of the week, some great weekend getaway classes – something for everyone!

To Jill Johnson & everyone else at CCNS, thanks again for the great opportunity!

Next BFL workshop – one week from today! Thursday, Mar 18 2010 

Hey everybody! I’m looking forward to the next Brilliant Frugal Living workshop, one week from today! It’s shaping up to be the biggest class yet – so excited! If you’re free on 3/25 from 6:30P-8:30P, I would love to see you there! More details available at this link:
Chester County Night School – Business, Investment & Job Skills Classes

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