Hey guys! How about this amazing weather! Gorgeous blue skies & 65 degree weather here in Chester County, PA!

Frugalista geek checking in with boring-yet-substantial math update!

Some of you might know, as of September 2009, I officially gave up on my “energy efficient” dishwasher & started washing dishes by hand. At the same time, I gave the “energy efficient” clothes dryer a semi-permanent break by hanging laundry on an easy makeshift clothesline (only using the dryer on rainy days).

Hanging clothes & washing dishes took a surprisingly fast 20 minutes of easy labor per day. Startup cost: $4 for rubber gloves & clothespins, + $80 for 20 cutesy cloth diapers on Craigslist.

Comparing electric bills over the last 12 months, and factoring in the 30% PP&L increase effective January, 2010, I’ve now saved $1600 on the electric bill, and $1100 in diapers, for a total of $2700 (AFTER TAX bucks!) saved!! Any investment that costs less than $85 to start, requires only 20 MINUTES of easy effort a day, AND yields $2700 in the bank in one year’s time, well…. that’s blog-worthy baby!

If you’ve got a household similar to mine, and you’re in the mood to keep an extra $2700 in the bank over the next year, give it a try!

Any energy-saving ideas, send them my way! Have a good one, everybody!